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You are visiting the safe Science Fiction website of Barry Redhead.
The text and photos of my web pages are created exclusively by me.
Volume one of my SF-Comic series was available on in german after presented  on the COMIC-CON in Dortmund (Germany ) in april 2022. The German print version as the collectors Edition is no longer available. The german version of Volume one and two in german, will be available worldwide, again in Spring 2025. The english Version of  the Comic Volume one is also in spring 2025 available.

please stay tuned

Click here, to the Picture by picture preview of volume 2
of the book and comic series "Paradise 4.0"

To buy one of my Science Fiction Books or Comic ( Currently only available in German) please click the Bookcover.

For the MAJO - Marie-Josephine Youtube Channel and her great songs and videos, please click the picture. Three songs you can also hear on Spotify and other music cahnnels. Be sure to listen. Click her to her newest Song
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