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I was born in London in 1955 and grew up in Germany. My favorite genre is science fiction. I successfully implemented my experience as a filmmaker, which I was able to professionally expand in Hollywood in 2003 and 2004 in directing, camera and writing screenplays, in the production of image and animated films. The thriller "Darwin - Time to Kill" was created from one of my screenplays, which I developed in Hollywood. After that I concentrated on my hobbies, science fiction and physics.

This is my Main Workspace: animating my Avatar and movieclips plus Comic production!
In 2016 I published my first science fiction Novel "Paradies 4.0" in Germany. The success of the series prompted me to create a Comic about the adventures of the character in this trilogy. My first Comic was presented on the Comic - Con in Dormund Germany in April 2022. The limited Collector Edition is now sold and the new printed version in German and in english will be available around end of 2022 in all Book-Stores worldwide. You can find more clips and information on
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